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Packers & Movers Services

We offer a great range of removal boxes, packing boxes and moving boxes to meet all your requirements. We offer various size removal containers which are perfect for that big move between homes or our variety of packaging containers to help with that quick “unclutter” around your home.

All our shifting containers are brand new and designed of a high quality card board fiber. This means you can re-use your packaging containers or hand your elimination containers onto your friends to use. Our shifting containers are tough and can be re-used many times over. We also provide a extensive variety of components such as packaging record, delicate record, brands, record dispensers, bed mattress security, living room security, zip hand bags, bubblewrap, butchers paper and marking pencils. These accessories are an excellent help when packaging containers and shifting containers from home to home.


  • We will pack heavy items in small boxes, so that they are manageable to lift later.
  • We will clearly label each box with the room it is intended for e.g. Kitchen
  • Delicate items will wrapped securely in bubble wrap so they are well protected.